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Jean Claude Delville

April's Perfumer:
Jean Claude Delville


Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, Jean-Claude dreamed of escaping and reinventing his world. One day, he discovered a bottle of his mother’s favorite fragrance, “Canoe,” by Dana, in the linen closet. The smell was a revelation, one that unwittingly set him on the path to becoming a perfumer. However, unlike most successful perfumers, he had no family connections in the fragrance industry. But every day, on the way to school, he passed the Antoine Chiris fragrance company. At fifteen, he got up the nerve to ask for a summer job. Fascinated by the atmosphere, the thousands of little bottles, the laboratory technicians in smocks, and above all, the world of smells, he returned the following summer, then joined the company after completing high school. There, as an apprentice, he studied perfumery, art, languages, and chemistry. Grateful for this extraordinary opportunity, Jean-Claude worked hard to develop his talent and he became a successful, international perfumer. He has worked for Créations Aromatiques, Quest, Firmenich, IFF, and Symrise, designing fragrances in Paris, Tokyo, and New York before joining drom in 2010.

FR! 01/07 Multifaceted, this luxurious composition is unique in its contrast and undeniable character. The opening celebrates love and beauty with a vibrant burst of mandarin blossom and a textural cotton flower impression. The heart reveals a modern combination of exotic orchid and sheer freesia that blend flawlessly together to exude a woman’s natural born elegance. The rich and long-lasting back lingers deliciously with sensual notes of cashmere woods, modern musks, and precious amber; embracing her femininity and the confidence she feels in her own skin. The scent continues to evolve as it dries down into an addictive and timeless perfume. The progression is due to a perfect balance of raw natural materials wrapped and polished over time. This intoxicating trail is bound to catch the attention and imagination of anyone who crosses her path…   “Two things make the women unforgettable, their tears and their perfume.” Sacha Guitry An art form Jean Claude has been able to master time and time again.

main notes:

  • Mandarin Blossom
  • Amazon Orchid
  • Sheer Freesia
  • Sensual Musks

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